Pause for a moment and think of a scent that reminds you of someone or something. The perfume that your mom always wore during your childhood. The smell of Christmas morning as you opened presents surrounded by your favorite family members. The fresh scent of the laundry detergent or fabric softener that always lingered on your baby blanket. The sweet scent of birthday cake as you closed your eyes to make a wish. The smell of trees, leaves, and nature as you hiked in the woods near your house. The smell of sunscreen that indicated endless summer days at the beach or neighborhood pool.

Scents have the power to evoke powerful emotions. They remind us of what we’ve previously forgotten. They have seasons and memories linked to them, and when you think something or someone has been lost forever, it suddenly comes wafting back towards you. A scented candle has now become one of the easiest yet most heartfelt ways to gift someone a piece of their life. In the same way that a picture is worth a thousand words, a fragrance with a story also has a priceless value.

This was the original intention of Mia’s Co. Our founder wanted to make a unique candle for his lover and families to evoke their happiest memories. Even if one day they were separated, the scent of the candles could always bring the memory of each other back once it was lit.

At Mia’s Co., we believe in bringing you products that enhance the times you hold nearest to your heart. As Mia means “dear” and “darling,” we hope that you enjoy them with those you hold dearest to you.

We stand behind simple, pure, and natural candles that are both environmentally-friendly and pollution-free. Our candles are derived from nature and bring you closer to nature.

Our Studio

Mia's Co. is a newly established brand located in Los Angeles, CA. Since our founding, we’ve been committed to making both natural, unique, and affordable candles. Our products combine vision with superior product design. Each of our 20 different candles has a one-of-a-kind story behind it, which allows you to select the perfect candle for yourself or someone that you love.

Our candle series includes the city series, nature series, wedding series, and birthday series. We also have additional series that are currently being developed for your selection. These series appeal to the different scents that you may encounter in any of these given situations. For example, you can gift a piece of someone’s favorite city to them with our city names candles or select one of Mia’s Co. simple nature candles.

From our family to yours, our candles are for the favorite people in your life, those you hold nearest and dearest. Regardless of nationality, race, gender, age or any other factors, Mia’s Co. makes it possible to gift someone with a memory through the best candles on the market.