N°11 Lemon Tea Candle


This hand-crafted, soy candle starts more subtly then expected. It opens with fresh lemongrass and tea scents, punctuated with notes of orange. It then opens up with green and jasmine florals before fully blossoming into a burst of cedar and orange citrus.


Soy Wax
Hand Made
Money-Back Guarantee
Up to 50 Hours

Diameter: 2.88 in
Height: 3.5 in
Net Wt: 7.5 oz
Burn time: Up to 50 hours

N°11 Lemon Tea

This scent is a reinvigorating burst of fresh-picked citrus. Bright on the nose, the aroma invites itself into a room before settling in a bouquet of pared flowers and garden scents to remind you of spring and open air.

 This is an aroma perfect for alleviating a stuffy room or helping set an environment for a quiet moment to rest and recharge. This candle is a perfect blend to help create a calm but stimulating atmosphere, perfect for a moment of reflection, respite, or introspection.

Include this in a self-care gift set or for that night of the week when you put all notifications on silent and soak in a hot bath.


Handmade with heart

Our mission is inspired by two simple ideas: the growing physical distance between people and how we could create that solves this problem. We searched internally and looked to our basic needs and senses. Aroma is something that people use for a variety of reasons like healing or meditation. Aroma can also help spark a recollection of memories you may have forgotten. In such a way we found the simple senses to be a way to reconnect with our memories and those from which our memories are inspired; thus, our candle was produced. With an unending collection of continuous callbacks, we hope to eventually create one candle that satiates any personal experience. 

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